About Me

My Data Story

  • Democratizing data and analytics for the last 6 years in government developing data programs and creating a culture of data sharing to inform decisions and deliver equitable outcomes
  • My journey to data has included a path as a web developer, technical project manager, data analyst and solutions architect
  • Advocate and practicioner of Agile and Continuous Improvement methodologies
  • Full Resume made with pagedown! Or download as a lovely pdf.

Acknowledgements and Appreciations

It was brought to my attention at the last RStudio conference by David Robinson‘s talk, The unreasonable effectiveness of public work that I have an obligation to share my learnings to the entire world. Thus, this blog.

Infinite thanks to Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas and Alison Presmanes Hill for creating blogdown for making it a snap to spin up a blog. Thanks to Yihui Xie and Romain Lesur for sharing pagedown, a fun way to resume.