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Exploring Shiny Open Data

I haven’t been an active participant of the RStudio Community (yet), but saw in an e-mail that there was a shiny contest, https://community.rstudio.com/t/take-part-in-the-shiny-contest/22445 and took the opportunity to submit a couple of the shiny apps that I built last year after being inspired by Michigan’s own Justin Baker when he presented a Flex Dashboard at Socrata Connect, Using Open Analytics to Improve Government Performance.

Discovery API

The Discovery API returns all data found on Socrata client domains. Without any authentication, only public assets will be returned. Credentialed users may query their private assets as well.

Open Data Explorer

This shiny app, https://alicia.shinyapps.io/OpenDataDiscovereR/ randomly queries a topic like Employment, Jobs, Income, Earnings, Population, Public Safety, Calls, Crimes, Equity, Homelessness, Opiods, Marijuana, Environment, Air Quality, Water Quality, Finance, Budget, Dashboard, Economy, Permits, Housing, Development, Transit, Bridges, Roads, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Parks, Trails to the discovery api and returns top results by page views from the last week, month and ever by asset type (dataset, chart, map, story, etc.).

State Data Explorer

This shiny app, https://alicia.shinyapps.io/StateDataExploreR/ returns top assets and metadata visualizations for some of the top state data portals hosted on Socrata. In New York, the most popular public datasets include Winning Lottery numbers.